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Hi, I'm Ziggy.

Welcome to my website...
I'm sure you will find it fun and full of help and support. My personal stories page offers support on any problem you may have, no matter how big or small it may seem. My team and I are here to help.
- Ziggy

Ziggy's Personal Stories

In combination with our Ask Ziggy help topics, we have created a section of personal stories offering real-life accounts and questions from children and teenagers coping with a range of problems like bullying, loneliness, racism, and low self-esteem. Once our team of councellors is in place, we will add comments and responses from qualified support professionals to each story giving our visitors the best resource possible when they search the web.

Ziggy's ... Helpline

Once our team of qualified counsellors has been established we are going to launch our telephone helpline for children and teenagers across southern Spain to call in and speak to a dedicated support professional about any problem they may be dealing with.

Ziggy's ... Events

We are going to host many fantastic events for families living in southern Spain including sky-diving, barbecues, horse-riding, water sports, dancing, sports days, and much more.

We are currently looking for volunteers across southern Spain to help organise events throughout the year.

Ziggy's ... Blog

We need article writers and bloggers to help us develop the content on this website to make it the best possible resource for children and teens in Spain. Please contact us if you would be able to submit an article to us for publication on the site. We are happy to include external links to our authors' personal blogs and websites.

We are also looking for young writers to write blog posts about any topic they like! Contact us today.

What we're watching...

Interesting Fact: In Despicable Me the Minions all had straight white teeth but in Despicable Me 2 their teeth were crooked and off-white. Also, all the Minions have one of only five possible hairstyles, including baldness.

If you have found any funny videos that we could include on this page or in our videos section, please send us the link and we will put it up!

Emergency Numbers

  • Police:
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  • Fire Brigade:
  • All emergencies:

Fancy Doing Some Blogging?

We are on the look out for kids and teens to write blog posts for us to appear on this website.

Topics could include: Pets, Teen Beauty, Sport, Music, Cooking, News & Events, Fashion, Books & Films, Games ... or anything else you'd like to write about.

Get in touch now

Childline Andalucia will make an enormous difference to the lives of expat children and teenagers living in southern Spain. We plan to establish and maintain the country's first free multilingual telephone helpline with a team of dedicated child support staff.

We will also provide links to child protection agencies and useful emergency contact information so children and teens across Spain have quick access to critical information whenever they need it.

Childline Andalucia is a registered charity in Spain | C.I.F. number: G93439156

All enquries: hello@childlineandalucia.org

Our Mission

We are campaigning to raise awareness and funding to provide an online and telephone helpline for expat kids and teens in southern Spain. Linking them up with relevant, professional help if required, we aim to support kids and teens suffering from any type of abuse or with problems they need to talk about.

Advertise with Us

To discuss sponsorship or advertising opportunities on our website or at one of our events, please contact our Marketing, Operations & Funding Manager Paul Fuller on admin@childlineandalucia.org

Please make a donation

Please help us realise our dream of creating Spain's first dedicated telephone helpline for children and teenagers suffering from abuse or bullying by making a donation. Childline Andalucia is an officially registered Spanish charity - CIF Number G93439156.

Contact Us

All enquiries: hello@childlineandalucia.org

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