About Childline Andalucia

Childline Andalucia will make an enormous difference to British Children and Teens living or travelling in Spain and those that are planning to live temporarily or permanently in Spain. As the project develops this will also impact on all Foreign Ex-Pat. children.

Childline Andalucia,Spain aim to provide a multilingual ,multicultural, multifunctional contact point via social media, supported with a Free, Confidential telephone service operating 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for any child that has pressing issues they need to talk to someone about or require help, or protection if they are in imminent danger of being harmed or harming others.

Our service will also endeavour to have links with other European countries and their relevant child protection agencies and other like-minded organisations. Our motivational team will be campaigning throughout the schools ,clubs ,sport centres ,hospitals etc...raising awareness of child protection and offering a contact point via. internet and call centres, for any child or teen that needs it and know that counsellors that care are there to listen to them.

The benefits are endless and ongoing, we want to raise awareness of child protection and aim at 0% tolerance to child abuse and to promote the building of a safe, healthy, happy future for Children suffering at the hand of abusers or other challenging issues that they may have. As we all know in this day and age the subjects we will cover in our project are real ,current and unfortunately ongoing. With the help of a professional hard working ,committed team and our much appreciated volunteers, we hope to educate through motivational talks, working with schools, and providing informative promotional literature approaching every professional body possible.

We will work toward making people aware of how important it is to stop children and teens being abused and overlooked with various issues and to let their voices be heard through our awareness campaigns for Childline Andalucia. As Childline Andalucia develops we wish to provide a safe-haven for children that have been removed from a situation where they will require a safe environment, empathetic professional care, confidential counselling and assessment after which time we will help with the transition to the relevant Spanish authority, family or that of the childs origin.

We need to change peoples attitudes towards this reality being totally taboo and feel once awareness is brought out into the fore-front of the public domain more people will help stop this atrocious behaviour being tolerated and want to support our campaigns . The fabulous Childline Andalucia team and "The wise young Zelephant" our problem space agony animal, want to make this world a much safer place for our children now and in the future and will do all in our power to make these changes happen. We hope you will help us...

Tracey-Leigh Bennett
Founder & President
Our Mission

We are campaigning to raise awareness and funding to provide an online and telephone helpline for expat kids and teens in southern Spain. Linking them up with relevant, professional help if required, we aim to support kids and teens suffering from any type of abuse or with problems they need to talk about.

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To discuss sponsorship or advertising opportunities on our website or at one of our events, please contact our Marketing, Operations & Funding Manager Paul Fuller on admin@childlineandalucia.org

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Please help us realise our dream of creating Spain's first dedicated telephone helpline for children and teenagers suffering from abuse or bullying by making a donation. Childline Andalucia is an officially registered Spanish charity - CIF Number G93439156.

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