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Concerns about drugs or alcohol

Help for young people in southern Spain

Illegal drugs and alcohol can present very challenging issues for teenagers and young people. Maybe your friends or classmates are starting to experiment with harmful drugs, or you yourself are experiencing problems related to substance abuse.

Our 121 online support service is designed for young expats living in southern Spain. If you would like to talk to someone in private about drugs or alcohol misuse, if you are worried about negative health effects from taking drugs, or if you are worried about a friend or family member, please feel free to sign up and leave a message for one of our counsellors. You will use your own email and password to log in to a secure area, and everything you write down is totally private and will only be seen by your 121 counsellor.

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This contact form is for you to tell us if you need someone to talk to. Any concerns or problems you have at home or at school, please feel free to write them here. All messages are completely private.

A children's charity in southern Spain offering helpful advice and support on a range of topics including bullying, racism, loneliness and mental health.