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Help coping with Family Trouble

Help for young people in southern Spain

Troubles within our families can cause a great deal of stress and worry, especially for young people. Young teenagers can find it very difficult to open up to their parents and tell them if anything is wrong. Life can also pile a lot of stress and worry onto parents as well if they experience money problems, difficulties at work, difficulties with their relationship, or concerns for their children.

Sometimes it can be very helpful to talk to someone outside of your family about troubles you may be experiencing. Our 121 online support service is completely free and completely private. You can describe your feelings and worries to one of our counsellors who will try to give you helpful advice and peace-of-mind about your concerns.

Our service is designed specifically for expat children and teenagers living in southern Spain. All of our 121 counsellors are also based in southern Spain and know the area and way-of-life well to give you relevant support. Please feel free to sign up and give it a try.

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This contact form is for you to tell us if you need someone to talk to. Any concerns or problems you have at home or at school, please feel free to write them here. All messages are completely private.

A children's charity in southern Spain offering helpful advice and support on a range of topics including bullying, racism, loneliness and mental health.