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Hi there! Welcome to our News page. Childline Andalucia was launched on December 14 2015 as a registered charity in Spain dedicated to supporting children and teens across the country who may be suffering from abuse, bullying, or loneliness. Our President and Founder, Tracey-Leigh Bennett, has big plans for establishing and maintaining Spain's first free telephone helpline for children and teens, and we will continue to develop our website as an invaluable resource for support and advice.

With the help of our volunteers, sponsors, sister charities, and partner organisations, we are going to hold some fantastic events for families across southern Spain to raise awareness of our cause and provide the best support possible to the children that need our help.

Childline Andalucia will make an enormous difference to the lives of expat children and teenagers living in southern Spain. We plan to establish and maintain the country's first free multilingual telephone helpline with a team of dedicated child support staff.

We will also provide links to child protection agencies and useful emergency contact information so children and teens across Spain have quick access to critical information whenever they need it.

Childline Andalucia is a registered charity in Spain | C.I.F. number: G93439156

All enquries: hello@childlineandalucia.org

Our Mission

We are campaigning to raise awareness and funding to provide an online and telephone helpline for expat kids and teens in southern Spain. Linking them up with relevant, professional help if required, we aim to support kids and teens suffering from any type of abuse or with problems they need to talk about.

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To discuss sponsorship or advertising opportunities on our website or at one of our events, please contact our Marketing, Operations & Funding Manager Paul Fuller on admin@childlineandalucia.org

Please make a donation

Please help us realise our dream of creating Spain's first dedicated telephone helpline for children and teenagers suffering from abuse or bullying by making a donation. Childline Andalucia is an officially registered Spanish charity - CIF Number G93439156.

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All enquiries: hello@childlineandalucia.org

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