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I'm lonely and I don't fit in

Letter from Mia, aged 15

At school I get spat at, my hair and clothes pulled and told I don't belong around here. I get told to go away and I have tried so hard to ignore it but just can't. I feel lonely and like I don't fit in. I don't have any friends at school I feel like I don't belong anywhere, I don't know what i can do as I'm too scared to tell. I want to go back to the UK.

Help with feeling lonely

Going to live in another country is a big move and it can be very difficult to settle in. Especially if you're going to a new school, trying to make new friends, and even learn another language! Bullying, teasing, and being made to feel lonely are sadly a part of that process for some young people, and you can be made to feel completely alone.

If you would like to talk to someone in private about your loneliness or troubles to fit in, please sign up to our 1-2-1 Chat service. We will connect you with your own helper who is also based here in Spain.

The 1-2-1 service isn’t like a telephone conversation, it all takes place using our online messaging system so you can take your time to describe how you’re feeling and read the responses at your own pace.

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This contact form is for you to tell us if you need someone to talk to. Any concerns or problems you have at home or at school, please feel free to write them here. All messages are completely private.

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