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My mum gets angry and hits me

Letter from Jake, aged 14

My mum gets very angry and sometimes hits me. We moved to Spain when I was younger and then my Dad moved away. My mum is fine sometimes but then looses her temper at small things and gets more and more angry. She sometimes hits me with things and shouts all the time. Even when I do good stuff it's never good for her or not good enough. It makes me very scared and I don't sleep at night.

The kind of abuse that Jake (not his real name) was suffering is completely unacceptable and Jake's mother clearly needs support and counselling of her own. If you are going through anything like what Jake had to go through then please sign up to our 121 Chat service. It is specially designed for young people living in southern Spain. You can get instant access to talk in private to one of our counsellors whenever you need to. It isn’t like a telephone conversation, it all takes place using our messaging system so you can take your time to describe how you’re feeling and read the responses you get from your dedicated 121 counsellor.

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